Garden Inside Your Home All Year

The number one mistake people are currently making that is causing them to not be able to grow a garden indoors is NOT due to not having a green thumb, experience or space…

 But the fact that they are trying to grow the exact same way inside as they would outside. 

They are using the EXACT same gardening system for growing outdoors 

but remember they are now growing INDOORS. 

They do not have the sun, mother nature or the complicated ecosystem that grows everything… inside their home. 

When you grow indoors you have to grow differently, you have to grow smarter.

This is done by creating a perfect mini oasis for your plants,

Using the ancient garden method of hydroponic, which removes the soil and pairing it with modern technologies like grow lights and pumps will allow anyone to grow indoors effortlessly.

When paired correctly it creates a proper indoor garden system that provides your plants with all the same growing variables as they would have outside,

 Just in DIFFERENT forms that you control.

What system is right for me?

Our two systems are similar but distinctly different. Here are some details that should help you find the one just right for you.

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Grow a Garden in 30 Days

You can grow twice as fast and up to 3 times more fruits and vegetables. That means you can grow 3 times more basil, lettuce, kale per a plant then traditional growing because, you are providing the perfect environment.

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What Will You Grow

Our Indoor Garden Systems can handle plants large and small. Grow thousands of different varieties of fruit and vegetables

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Our Story

It doesn't get any easier than this.

  • Step 1

    Drop any seed from any where in our planting cups.

  • Step 2

    Add water and nutrients

  • Step 3

    Plug it in and grow!

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