Hope for a Better World.
Hope for a Better Future.

HOPE is dedicated to making a difference worldwide. Our mission is to create sustainable change with our products, and invest responsibly in a better future.

How We Got Our Start

  • Ryan Agrey / Co-Founder

    I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and always loved building and designing things. I have always been good at it to. At only 13 I wont a K'NEX Building Contest for North America. As I neared graduation, like most kids my age, I had no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted to create cool things to better people's lives, but there was not a booth at a job fair for that. I talked to engineers and although they design, they rarely had the freedom to build whatever they wanted. I figured this was the reality of "Growing up". I decided to just find a good paying job but the fire to create never burnt out. Through reading books, podcast and hearing online stories I realized it was still very possible to create cool things to better people's lives. I just needed a great idea. That idea finally came to me in October 2015. That was the start of Hope Innovations and since then I have devoted all my money and time to keep making it a reality.

  • Tessa Agrey / Co-Founder

    I am the amazing sister of Ryan and the beautiful daughter of Brad. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I knew I wanted bigger and better things than what my small town had to offer. After graduation I pursued a career in Environmental Science and obtained a degree in it. I then went on to participate in a few international research projects. Where we studied different farming practices, organic farming techniques and the positive and negative effects different certification bodies have. Through all these experiences, I found the importance of being better connected with your food and helping each other. That is what drove me to help develop Hope Innovations.

  • Brad Agrey / Co-Founder

    I was born in a small Saskatchewan town and grew up on a small farm. As a young farm kid I have always loved seeding, harvest and all everything it brought. We worked hard for just a little and always had a garden growing. It seemed to have so much weeds that needed to always be picked, I HATED picking weeds, maybe this is why I like hydroponics so much. In My mid twenties I moved to Alberta for work and found my lovely wife. Together we raised 4 beautiful children whom I'm very proud of. 2 of which are part of our family orientated company Hope Innovations. I've always thought is would be great to work with my kids and now I have the chance to. It has been a long road to get to where we are today, from launching to our kickstarter to becoming the amazing business we are today.