Garden Year Round

How would you like to have fresh food in the middle of winter or in the peak of summer? With our Indoor Gardening Systems, you never have to worry about the right time to plant or what storm may be coming.

What system is right for me?

Our two systems are similar but distinctly different. Here are some details that should help you find the one just right for you.

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What will you grow?

You can grow twice as fast and up to 3 times more fruits and vegetables. That means you can grow 3 times more basil, lettuce, kale per a plant then traditional growing because, you are providing the perfect environment.

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Grow just about anything

Our systems can handle plants large and small.

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Our Story

It doesn't get any easier than this.

  • Step 1

    Add seeds to a cup

  • Step 2

    Add water and nutrients

  • Step 3

    Plug it in and grow!

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